Almost half of Americans love taking pictures of their food, as discovered through a survey. So, if you are a food photographer, standing out among all the amateur photographers is difficult for you.

Here are some common mistakes you must avoid if you want to be a successful food photographer.

Are You Using Fresh Ingredients?

You are absolutely wrong if you think using old and decolored lettuce won’t be an issue because you can adjust the saturation by editing. Never use bruised or old ingredients, thinking you would cover it up with the editing or angles. It doesn’t work most of the time.

As a professional photographer, make sure all the items in the picture are fresh and in the best condition.

Are You Taking Photos From Only One Angle?

It is great that you have selected a pattern for your Instagram and are sticking to that, but always taking pictures from one angle might not be a good idea. For example, you can take a great shot of the pizza from an upside-down shot, but you won’t be able to capture the beauty of a burger from this angle.

So, don’t stick to a particular angle. Instead, try different ideas and patterns to bring diversity to your portfolio.

Are You Playing With Saturation A Little Too Much?

The more lively the colors, the more delicious the food will look. It is what photographers usually believe. It is true to some extent, but too much saturation can make your pictures look weird and unrealistic.

So, make sure you are editing the pictures realistically and not adding too much saturation.

Are You Paying Attention To The Props?

Props act like a background in food photography; one has to make sure the background is worth it. Don’t add random props to your pictures; use them to narrate a story. Also, don’t stress too much about props.

Remember, the main focus of your photos is your food. Use neutral tones for the props, so they don’t snatch the spotlight from your food items.

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