Everyone is an artist now. You can take pictures of the most enigmatic sunset, perfectly patterned butterfly wings, and exotic dishes with your smartphone, and that isn’t all. With just a few strokes on your Instagram app, you can share those photos with the world. And right then, you become an artist; a world-renowned photographer.

It’s impossible to water down the effect of Instagram on the world of photography. As a professional photographer, it might hurt to see every hand with an iPhone trying to take away your job. That’s understandable. But there’s more to Instagram than the birth of pseudo photographers. Besides, there’s no denying that some of these “pseudo photographers” have captured beautiful moments worth sharing with the world.

Instagram is a blessing that sometimes bites. But let’s focus more on the non-canine side of it.

Before the age of social media, the biggest concerns photographers had were creativity and recognition. People scrutinized photography almost as much as they did poetry. The best photos didn’t only have great color schemes; they had amazing backstories. You could look at one picture a million times and still feel mesmerized by the emotions captured inside of it. The more creative photographers got, the more recognition they amassed.

What changed with Instagram Photography?

When social media arrived, everything changed. Quality was relegated to the back seat, and quantity took the wheels. You could post multiple pictures of one person in the same clothes and location with slight variations in pose and get a thousand likes on Facebook. As long the images were fresh, social media would make a star of it. Well, not until Instagram came in and returned the hunger for quality. It was a shift that thrived on image overload but also triggered a viral appreciation for good photography.

Today, there is a new dawn of a digital culture that appreciates quantity but prioritizes quality. And as a professional photographer, you can still retain your creativity, push through the ranks for recognition and have a whole community rooting for you from different parts of the world, all thanks to Instagram.

Would it hurt your authenticity to tweak your photos with photo editing software?

Not at all. Your camera lens could capture the moment, but you’d need a few tweaks to give your photos a life designed for the screens.


Instagram is just one of many ways to flaunt your photography. You can host your images on ImageCoast, create a gallery and share your best shots with the world.