Whether you are an established photographer or just starting out, you will always need inspiration. Besides, you must always keep yourself updated on the latest happenings in the world of photography. Photography magazines, as well as online photography blogs, can be of excellent help in this regard. 

While a printed photography magazine can be quite expensive, most photography blogs are free to access, or you may need to pay a minimal amount. Experts and photographers from around the world contribute to these blogs and share critical insights that will help you grow. These blogs also keep you informed about the latest technology, gears, and trends in the market. 

Here we list 6 of the best photography blogs of our choice. Bookmark these blogs and learn how the photography world is evolving.

Depositphotos Blog

If you are in the photography business, the Depositphotos blog is a must to follow. The blog shares useful tips and tricks that you should know to flourish your business. In addition to the photography-related tips, you will also get to know about marketing and stock photography business. Besides, the site also features photographs of emerging talents from around the globe.  

SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge is another excellent blog offering photography tips for professionals. Be it wedding photography, portrait, food photography, or astrophotography– they cover it all. They also offer handy insider tips on photo editing. 


If you want to keep yourself updated on the latest cameras, gears, and online tools, Fstopper is your one-stop solution. This online photographer’s community is well-known among professional photographers. It has become one of the most credible sources for gear reviews.


Colossal is an international platform that aims to serve as an online gallery for contemporary art and visual expression. It was founded in 2010 by writer and curator Christopher Jobson. With over 6,700 articles written by its twelve contributors and 10 million monthly readers, it is one of the largest blogs online. Check their photography section; it’s fascinating.

Women Photograph  

The Women Photograph blog promotes talented women photographers from around the globe. On this blog, you will get to see some stunning works from women photographers and also learn about grants, mentorship programs, and workshops.

Peta Pixel

Peta Pixel is one of the most well-known photography news blogs. Its extensive coverage of anything related to the photography world is worth following. Besides the news, they also publish gear reviews and buying guides to help you choose the right equipment.

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