Pictures are essential for both businesses and individuals. Losing them is not a pleasant situation for anyone. When they are kept in a hard copy format, there are physical dangers associated with them. Alongside, a simple careless act like forgetting them can cause someone to lose the image or images permanently.

Thanks to technology, images can now be stored in soft copy on online servers available for rent at image hosting service providers like Imagecoast. This is one of the most secure and reliable ways to keep your images safe from digital and physical threats.

ImageCoast has servers that are stored in a place that is secure from physical dangers. They have constant surveillance and an expert team of IT specialist who monitors and keeps these servers safe from online threats. Here is a list of some of the best providers on the market:

1. Image Coast was the easiest to use. The website supports image formats of jpeg, gif, and png. Users can either opt to use the services for free or choose from two different pricing plans according to their preferences. The storage space is ideal and the website is user friendly.

2.Google Photos  

Google photos is a platform for businesses and users who have the need for high quality services. The platform has an automatic backup feature and it is secure which provides all users a peace of mind. However, it can be pricey.

3. Dropbox

All photos remain in their original form when uploaded to Dropbox. With an automatic backfiring facility, a healthy amount of storage space, and support for all kinds of formats. It is ideal for users who want to keep their photos in their original form.

4. Imgur

Imgur has a non-expiring feature. User simply make an account and they can upload their photos easily. The company provides easy accessibility and everlasting security.


You may end up paying for an image hosting service but it is the best way to secure your pictures. Just make sure to list down your needs and select a platform that suits you or your business best.