One of the best things about photography is its diversity and the fact that you can bend its rules to exercise as much creativity as possible.

If you’re looking to get creative as a photographer, here’s an article in which we explored the nuances of creative photography. But today, we’ll examine one of the most enigmatic photography niches—Panoramic Photography.

What Is Panoramic Photography?

Panoramic photography is the embodiment of the panorama shooting technique, popularly referred to as the wide-angle shot. Well, that’s one way to look at it.

Panoramic photography does include wide-angle shots. However, it is a cluster of multiple proportioned photos taken simultaneously and then stitched together to achieve a single wide-format image.

Note that panoramic photography wasn’t always automated. Before digital cameras, panoramic photographers had to take several snaps of the same subject and then align the films to get a single wide-angle print. The results were barely impressive, but panoramic images were workable.

With today’s advancement in digital photography, panoramic photography is so good that detecting the stitched points without an AI is quite impossible.

Is Panoramic Photography a Niche or a Technique?

That’s an interesting question.

There is a shooting technique called panorama. It’s a feature embedded in the most recent digital cameras, including smartphone cameras. And the purpose of this feature is to enable users to take wide-angle or panoramic photographs.

As a niche, panoramic photography involves the specialized use of the panorama technique. In other words, panorama photographers primarily take panoramic photos, and they do this using tools specifically designed for that purpose. They’re specialists in this field as they recognize the settings that are better expressed in the panoramic view.

What Tools Does a Panoramic Photographer Need?

The best tool any photographer could have is a decent digital camera. Along with that, a panoramic photographer would need the following:


The best way to describe a tripod is as the legs of a camera. Sometimes our hands can’t give the motions or the durability required for a photo shoot, and that’s where tripods come to the rescue.

As a panoramic photographer, you’d need more than the regular tripods. A panoramic head is the most appropriate type of tripod to acquire, as it will allow unrestricted tilts, pans, and rotations necessary for a professional shoot.


Panoramic photographers must have their lenses to attain versatility and high resolutions. The zoom lens usually tops the list of lenses needed in panoramic photography. It makes taking shots under challenging positions a lot easier.


Would you like to learn how to take panoramic photographs like a pro?

In the next article, we’ll discuss taking professional panoramic shots. In the meantime, you can practice your shoots, host your best photos, and create and flaunt your digital gallery on Image Coast.