How would you define art? There is no all-encompassing definition of art. Still, you’d agree that it is an act of creativity. Like art, photography is at its best when approached organically. If you ever get a mundane sense about your photography, perhaps due to the repetitive use of certain techniques, then it’s time you try creative photography. Here’s how to get started as a creative photographer.

Creative Photographer

What is creative photography?

Creative photography is less of a niche and more of an approach to photography. Usually, we’d say creative photography is a field that uses photography skills to create art through the manipulation of basic elements like lights, colors, shapes, and depths. That’s a little too definitive.

Here’s a more flexible definition. Creative photography is the creation of a uniqueness that sets your photo apart from traditional photography. In other words, make magical and awe-inspiring art. Now, creativity is an innate trait, but if you don’t feel like a born creative, you can learn to ignite the artistic fire.

How do you make creative photos?

Making creative photos isn’t one-way street traffic. Sometimes it’s about making your imaginations into real images, and other times you just let your workflow inspire as you go. Again, creative photography is about creating unique art, so taking pictures of a face staring into your camera lens isn’t very impressive or artistic. What if you added a streak of rainbow light across that face? Or you could go monochrome and add a touch of blue to the eyes.

There are many ways to go about creative photography. You could let time and circumstances dictate your creativity, or you can get intentional with creating art via organic compositions. There’s also a post-shoot option—photo editing software is invaluable for adding distinctive details.

Do creative photos have to be poetic?

Being a creative photographer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make poetic photographs, although that’d be nice. However, it should be enough that your work sparks up or appeals to people’s imaginations.

How can you boost your creativity?

Different things work for other people. Taking photographs as often as possible is one of the most creative boosters known to photographers. If you can’t carry your camera everywhere, it’s time to put your iPhone camera to use.

Also, make sure to switch scenery too. You can move around different locations at different periods. Note how sunrise and sunset affect shadows, highlights, and depths. And if nothing seems creative anymore, take a step back, and when you go back to photographing, don’t say no to something new.

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