In the age of social media, it’s more important than ever to take good pictures. However, if you’re not a natural photographer, there are plenty of easy edits you can make to each photo to make them look more professional. You can do this right from your smartphone, as there are plenty of great photo editing apps available these days.

ImageCoast offers affordable and reliable photo storage, so you have a safe place to put your photos once you’ve edited them. Here are some easy photo editing tips to help each picture look the best it possibly can.

Adjust The Exposure And Contrast

One of the quickest ways to make your photo look nicer is to adjust the exposure and contrast. If your photo is blown out with too much light, you can lower the exposure to make it more visually appealing. Alternatively, you can increase the exposure to make low-light shots more visible. Increasing the contrast is an easy way to make colors pop and help the image look more multi-dimensional.

Straighten Your Images

Another easy way to make your photos look more professional is to straighten them. Most photo editing apps will have a guided straightening tool. You can use this tool to make sure the horizon lines up with the edges of the photo, for example. Some apps will also allow you to adjust the X and Y axis, essentially bringing certain parts of the photo closer to you. This can distort the size of certain features in your photo, but can also be very helpful for making a photo look more balanced.

Play With Saturation And Filters

Adding color saturation to your photos can make them really pop on the page. You can also adjust the colors even more by using pre-existing filters. Take the time to play around with each different filter and see which ones you like best. However, you’ll want to avoid over-saturating your photos, which can make them look cartoonish.

Mastering these photo editing basics can help your pictures really stand out on social media. After you’ve edited your photos, be sure to add them to your ImageCoast account for safe and convenient storage.