Are you a photographer that enjoys the adventure and rush of adrenaline from time to time? What about animals, running freely in the wild and living their normal lives? If you said yes, then this blog is for you, our newest wildlife photographer. Wildlife photography can be extremely challenging, there’s no doubt about that. However, many people are fascinated by the life of these wild animals. There’s something very exciting about not only seeing and learning more about animals in their natural habitat, but also capturing images of them.

What is wildlife photography? Apart from being a genre of photography, wildlife photography is the documentation of animals, either in the wild or underwater. Wildlife photography can be considered as one of the most challenging photography types since the animals are always on the move or in action such as fighting, hunting, eating or if you’re lucky, resting. Thanks to wildlife photographers there are many facts about animals and their way of life that we have learnt and studied. 

Like everything, it is always best to break down the basic fundamentals of wildlife photography before getting into it. Once you learn about the basics, it will be much easier for you to improve your chances to take the best shots possible, which is why Image Coast has set up a list of tips you can use for your next wildlife adventure.

Tips You Should Know About Wildlife Photography:

Wildlife photographers
Photographer taking picture of animals

1- Make sure you keep your whereabouts constantly posted. Working with different types of wild animals can be dangerous, especially after going into their place of inhibition. Wildlife photographers usually venture alone in order to scare off the animals, which increases the risk of danger. Even when you have a group of professionals joining you, it is always best to keep someone other than your companions about your whereabouts.

Photographer with a wild animal

2- You can always start in familiar places before going into the wild. You don’t have to be miles away In order to capture beautiful pictures. Sometimes you can create masterpieces within reach.

Photography of animals playing

3- Make sure you always carry Essential Survival Tools with you. Starting from water and food, to knives and first aid kits, wildlife photographers must prepare themselves for the worst. It is also advisable to carry fire starters with you. You never know what you might face on your journey.

A bird landing on a photographer's camera

4-Have patience. Anyone that has practiced wildlife photography knows that there are times where patience is the key. Many photographers have waited days and even weeks, in order to capture legendary pictures.

5- Just as you respect humans and their boundaries, make sure you respect the boundaries of animals too! Stalking and chasing animals can never be considered as a good idea. Keep in mind that many animals might harm you when feeling anxiety. This is also applied to small animals, as they can be harmful too!

There is still much more to learn about wildlife photography. However, here are 5 of the basics you need to know. If you would like to learn more, our blogs provide many informative tips on different subjects. Take a look!