As a famous photographer called Eudora Welty once said “A good snapshot keeps a moment that’s gone from running away.” To get that good snapshot, you have to know a bit about photography. You have to know the right way to take a moment and keep it forever, right? So, let’s get you one step closer to being the next Eudora Welty!
Ever wondered what white balance is in photography? After you read today’s blog by ImageCoast, you won’t wonder anymore!

Have you ever been in a situation where a scene is just too beautiful not to take a picture, however when you do, the white turns out yellow, blue, red, orange, and so on? This is why white balance is considered extremely important in digital photography.

Always keep in mind – not all light is created equal.

So, what is white balance?

White balance is used when adjusting colors to match their true color; white. Sometimes the subjects in the photographs, being affected by different light sources, appear a color simply other than white. These different light sources can be:

  • The sunlight
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Incandescent bulbs

The reason why our eyes see the colors normally rather than the way it is shown in the camera is that our brains compensate for different color temperatures. Our cameras, on the other hand, don’t. However, there is a solution; white balance.

Sometimes the auto-white balance produces the desired result without you having to fix it. However, you don’t have to worry if it doesn’t. As we mentioned, a photographer has the option of choosing several fixed options. With today’s advanced technology you have the option to choose the option according to the weather you are in or the light source present.

We admit it’s a bit tricky to photograph under multiple light sources that have different lighting conditions and different color temperatures, this is called “mixed lighting:”

Now that you know more about white balance, we are ready for the masterpieces you are going to create! Grab your camera, because many moments are waiting for you to capture them, making the pretty views prettier and white subjects whiter! Also, don’t forget to upload them on ImageCoast!