What Is the Difference between Film and Digital Photography?

If you are a photographer, then you for sure know the difference between film and digital photography. However, for newbies it might be difficult to understand what each type of photography really is, and which one is better. In between photographers, there is a huge debate that goes on regarding which is better. Of course, it all comes down to different styles and preferences since each type has their own advantages.

Film photography is not something new as we all know. For many years, this type of photography has existed and was the only option for photographers. Although technology has taken over our world and almost everything is digital, there are many who still choose to work with film photography.

On the other hand, there is also the other part of the world that prefer digital photography given the capability of capturing high-resolution footage. There are many digital cameras that are inexpensive, beneficial, and easy to use which pushes people into buying them. As the days go by, digital cameras are improving and including more tools on them.

So how do film and digital photography defer?

On one hand film photography uses film in order to capture photos and videos. Film photography dates back to 1885 by George Eastman on his first camera called Kodak.

Some of the advantages of film photography are:

  • Due to the advancements in digital cameras, the cost of film cameras has dropped dramatically.
  • With film photography, expect better quality results and even better colors.
  • With digital photography, you won’t experience the pleasure of being in a dark room. (which is used in order to process your photos.)

Although it may seem that film photography has no place in today’s modern world, you have to keep in mind how advanced it was for its time. Some disadvantages of film photography are the surprises you get after processing the image. Since you do not get instant feedback regarding the shots you took, you do not know whether or not they were a success or a failure.

On the other hand, digital photography uses flash memories to store the footage. The footage can later be transmitted to anywhere you want. Some of the benefits digital photography provides is the instant result it gives you. As I mentioned above, film photography takes some time in order to give you feedback. As we all know, our modern world has no patience for waiting. Especially since everything can be done easily and quickly because of the advancement of technology. What digital photography also provides is an LCD view of your shots. This helps you decide whether or not you want to shoot again. You can also access your previous shots just by clicking a button.


Now that you know a bit more about both, no matter which one you see as a better fit, it is important to know that film photography is not going away soon. Want to learn more? ImageCoast is your place to be!