Photography documentaries are brilliant. The mix of beautiful visuals and breathtaking camerawork means that photography and film are a winning combination, and it is a great opportunity to get insights from industry experts about how they create their art. Watching the most accomplished photographers do their work can be genuinely inspirational, and photography documentaries can be a wonderful catalyst for innovation and new ideas for your own career.

But most of all, there really isn’t anything that is more satisfying and relaxing than settling down in front of the television and being transported to a world of gorgeous visuals and exotic destinations.

The Search for the Afghan Girl

A film that centers around a single photo might sound dull. But this fascinating documentary will change the way you think about the power of one image!

Taking its inspiration from one of National Geographic’s most famous and recognizable cover photos, the film follows photojournalist Steve McCurry as he journeys to Afghanistan on a quest to find the mysterious subject of the photo, the green-eyed Afghan girl.

The Search for the Afghan Girl is available free of charge in four parts on YouTube.

The Many Lives of William Klein

William Klein was a photography legend, with a remarkable, unconventional career. This film from the BBC takes a profound look at his life and work, exploring his art and his inspirations in equal measure.

Klein spent most of his career photographing the world of fashion while exploring urban photography on the side. In addition, he changed the way that the fashion photography industry worked entirely. The documentary explores his life and work in Paris and New York. It also includes previously unseen interviews with the man himself.

The Many Lives of William Klein is available for free on YouTube.

In conclusion, if these documentaries inspire you there are plenty more photography films available on YouTube and on streaming platforms. And if they act as a catalyst for you to get out and take your own beautiful photos, even better! Just don’t forget to store your art safely and securely with an image hosting service like ImageCoast!