Easter Sunday is coming soon! Are you tired of all those stiff-looking pictures of families in formal wear that circulate on social media this time of year? Here’s how to make your Easter Pics stand out, whether you’re visited by the Easter Bunny or Easter Beagle! (Any Peanuts fans catch that?)

Upgrade Your Easter Eggs

Now, we’re not saying they have to look like the ones that Disney designs for their theme parks every year. (Unless you think you’re up for the challenge!) But instead of simply dipping eggs into colored vinegar dye, try and spruce them up with fun stickers or patterns. Many kits come with these add-ons ready to go. Kids and adults alike will have a blast setting them up and bragging about them with their Easter pics online.

Design an Egg Hunt

Got your eggs ready to go? Instead of eating them or putting them in the fridge right away, you could set them up in a classic Easter egg hunt! It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, but you could get some great shots of both the hiding and finding, whether they’re in a tree branch or the dog house. (Plastic eggs with treats inside also work just as well if you don’t want to waste actual eggs.)

Visit the Easter Bunny

It’s one thing to take your kids to see the Easter Bunny at a mall. It’s another to go with a group of friends as an adult! For a truly hilarious and memorable picture, round up your cousins before dinner and make a trek to snap a pic with the Easter Bunny. It’d even make a great gift for grandparents, perhaps with the same picture of you all as kids side by side. (PS- if you’re saving the gift for Christmas, you can store the photos on the web here on ImageCoast!)

Involve the Pets

If you’ve been following us, you know how we feel about pet pics here at ImageCoast! Long story short, they always work. Get your furry friends in the Easter spirit by putting bunny ears on the dog, or maybe putting your actual bunny in the Easter basket. It’s easy, cute, and fun, and will be sure to grab attention online.

And if your photos are just to have memories for yourself and not necessarily for the whole world to see, don’t worry! ImageCoast has free online photo hosting as well as sharing, so you can keep all your pictures in a safe place or send them to just a few important people. Check us out today, and happy Easter!