Photography is an art on its own. People invest their blood, sweat and tears into making photography their profession. As the photography industry keeps evolving over the years, the importance of photography as a profession will only increase. Therefore, we will be talking about the 3 highest paid photography jobs found.

Man Holding the camera and looking at a beautiful view.

An individual would only choose a profession that fills his needs in terms of income. If a person does not do well enough, one day he may have to let go of his passion as well. This brings us to the question, what kind of photography jobs pay well? Photography does have the potential to rack up a lot of income for yourself but allow us to investigate briefly into three of the highest paid photography jobs.

Commercial Photography

Firstly, we all know that everything in the world is advertised and marketed to others to create awareness of the product or service. Therefore, commercial photography plays a very important role. Considering the vast amount of diversity in commercial photography there is not one figure that truly gives justice to the income in this job. There is a range of about $57k to about a $100k earnings per year.
To clarify, by licensing the commercial photography, this helps commercial photographers to earn high amount of money.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a type of commercial photography. With it, if used in the right way, many businesses become more successful. Since fashion photography plays such an important marketing role fashion photography pays well and deserves a place in the highest paying jobs for using a camera. Fashion photographers can work as a freelancer, a staff member for clothing stores or fashion houses, and an agency employee. The payments can be either hourly basis or per-photo shoot.
Did you know? Fashion photographers earn up to $70k per year.

Wedding Photography

Weddings take place all the time across the globe. Every couple wants their wedding day moments to be captured in the most elegant way. Which is why, wedding Photographers are usually highly paid. Couples need their memories kept in the best possible way, and photographers are here for that! While photographer cost varies, even with the average pay, photographers can cross a $100k a year.

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