There are a lot of things that can inspire a photographer. Whether it is a previous experience, a beautiful view, or even a person. When one has an artistic view of life and thinks outside the box, almost anything can become a muse. However, being inspired isn’t the only factor to look for when you want to create an artistic masterpiece. There are many factors that can influence your work, one of them being the photoshoot location.

You may have the talent, but choosing the perfect location for your photography might be something you still struggle with. So, how can one find the perfect location for their photoshoot? Is there a guide to follow? Are there rules you have to be aware of? If you have been wondering how to find the best fit locations for you, after this blog you won’t wonder anymore.

Therefore, what should one do in order to find the best photoshoot worthy locations?

Here are 4 tips:

1- Don’t be afraid to browse – either the web or around you.

Let me ask you a question, what are the steps you take in order to find yourself your next photoshoot location? Research. Researching is one of the best ways one can find their next location, either by asking around or through the internet you have no idea what you might find. Maybe just a few blocks away there’s the place you have been dreaming of, and you never realized it. Of course, it might take a lot of time but you should know the power of the internet by now.

Just a small tip – You can check out tourist destinations to get quicker and better results!

Advantage: They are extremely beautiful

Disadvantage: they might be overcrowded.

2- Know what type of location you are searching for.

You might think, “What? What do you mean “type of location”? I just need somewhere to shoot and I need it to be beautiful.” Well, this is what I mean.

If you really think about it, there are a few different types of locations, such as: modern, historical and natural. There are still a few more types of locations, but these are the most common ones. What are you searching for? Make sure you know what type of location you need for your photoshoots to make the searching process easier.

Modern locations include streets, buildings, city life and so on…

Historical locations include historic places such as castles, palaces and so on…

Natural locations include nature, waterfalls, forests, rivers and ponds and so on…

3- check out other photographers and where they have been recently

Analyzing the work of others is no shame. In fact, taking a look at other people’s work can inspire your next big thing! Take a look at the different places they have taken pictures of, see if it suits your theme and try out for yourself.

Although this falls under research, many do not consider analyzing other photographer’s work. Take time to examine and see what the new trends are, what tricks they use and what catches your eyes the most!

4- have a local scout by your side.

Last but not least, hiring a local scout can be extremely helpful for you. I know, I agree that it might sound expensive, however, it can help you save a lot of time. A local scout or a location scout is a person that mainly takes your responsibilities of finding the best location for you. Instead of you going from one location to another, a local scout not only visits different places and finds the best place for you, but also considers if all the conditions for a successful photoshoot are met. With them doing this part of the work, you can now focus on your photography.

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