Let’s get right into it, there is no time to waste because even right now, you might be doing something that is hurting your camera. You might be an extra careful person, always keeping your camera clean, tucking it in the bag with a good night kiss, but the danger might be waiting for it just around the corner.

1. Water is the enemy

You already know what I mean, right? Ask any person the heartbreak they have felt after dropping their cameras into the river, toilet, or bath when trying to create a masterpiece. You can lose your camera in just a second if you’re not careful enough. The worst part is water can get into your camera in less obvious ways. Did you know that condensation, traveling from one temperature to another, can ruin your camera? We are talking about changes in humidity levels and different weathers. It’s much more common than you think. There are ways that can help you be extra careful like wearing the strap around your neck, using resealable bags or silica gel packets, and using rain covers. 

2. Never leave your camera behind.

There are many things that could happen if you leave it unprotected. When I say unprotected, I even mean in a locked car. Apart from being stolen, it could get too hot or too cold which can instantly damage it. Always keep in mind that cameras are very delicate, with leaving it behind you can either fry it or freeze it.  The best way to prevent this is to either take it with you, or simply leave it at home.

3. Be careful of small particles.

Don’t be fooled of the size, it can be extremely annoying. If it’s dust, it might only irritate you since it gets stuck on your camera lens when you take a picture. Now your pictures from the beach might look like it was snowing. However, if it’s sand, that’s a whole another story because sand is bigger than dust so it can cause bigger problems. Sand can easily get into your camera and reach the inside making your camera unusable. To avoid this, use a sturdy camera bag to protect them from these little monsters.

4. Clean your camera properly

Did you know that your t-shirt isn’t made to clean your camera lens? Shocking right? Although it won’t cause a major issue, it can scratch your lens if you’re not careful enough. Whenever you want to wipe off the dust particles, you can simply use a microfiber cloth which is designed specifically for lens cleaning, or else instead of fixing it, you’ll ruin it.

Just know that you are mostly in control of what happens to your camera. You even have the chance to be extra careful by using some of the product designed specifically for your camera. Visit ImageCoast if you want to learn more about this.