According to the market predictions, the photography industry is going to reach $44.07 billion by 2025. It is a big market with lots of scopes and possibilities. If you have an eye for photography, probably, it is time to take the next step. Everybody does not get to make a living from their passion. If you have it, do not let the opportunity slip. However, besides the raw talent, you will need proper training and a strategic marketing plan to succeed your photography business.

Digital marketing tools have made things easier for small businesses. With online tools, you can reach a large audience with little to no investment. Here are some tips to help you plan online marketing efforts for your photography business.

Pay attention to SEO

When your prospective client will look up for a photography service, they will search it on Google. If your business does not appear on the first page of the search results, your chances are very thin to get discovered. Research shows three-fourths of the users never go past the first page of the search results. Thus, you have to target a higher SEO rank to get visibility. SEO algorithm is not always easy to crack, but it is not impossible either. If you are an event photographer in the Bay Area, aim to rank for the keywords that are relevant for your users. Try using: ‘Event photographer in the Bay Area’ or ‘Event photographer near San Francisco’, and so on.

There are several tools and resources available online that are helpful to improve your SEO ranking. You may also think about hiring a professional SEO writer to improve the SEO of your website. Besides, in the image captions, always use phrases that are easily discoverable by the search engines. Writing regular blogs can also improve the SEO ranking of your website. Write useful blogs that provide value to the readers. Share your experiences. Engage with the readers.

You should also create a Google business page for your company. Google business pages attract more organic traffic, as Google ranks them higher than the organic listing in their search result. Google business pages are great for boosting your online presence.

Contribute to royalty-free image platforms

Another great way to get noticed is to contribute to the online image platforms where people find royalty-free images for their use. As part of your marketing effort, you may need to offer free photos on these websites.

People require royalty-free images all the time, and many of them are your potential future clients. Besides, while people download these photos, they have the option to credit you for the image and embed a link. It is a great way to get your business name out there. Crediting the photographer is not mandatory, but people often do not mind tagging the original photographer.

You can also earn a little from these sites. These platforms ask the users to voluntarily pay a small amount of money as a token of appreciation.

The same rule of captioning the images applies to these photos too. Use both specific and generic names to reach a broader set audience. Suppose you are uploading a photograph of Mount Everest. In the description, consider including the phrases like- ‘Mt. Everest’, ‘snow clad peak’ ‘Mountain’ ‘Himalaya’ and others.

Email marketing

Do not ever ignore the importance of email marketing. It may feel like junk, but people do open promotional emails if you can make the copies compelling enough. Send informative newsletters that contain some of your best works.

Plan the content of the newsletter carefully. Be punchy. Never use clickbait. Using clickbait will negatively affect your reputation, and you will lose subscribers. If you include clickbait in this month’s newsletter, the next month, people will avoid clicking on the links, even if the links are genuine.

Use these easy tips to take your photography business to the next level, and never forget to back up your photos. Use imageCoast to host your images and photographs. We offer both free and paid options. Choose your plan.