Photographers, in order to show their work to the world, need to have a successfully designed website. As a dedicated photographer, I’m sure you have spent hours into not only coming up with new ideas but also into implementing those ideas and making them come to reality. The trick is putting the same amount of time and effort into your website. In addition to using photography website tips and tricks. Your website is the window where visitors see what you are capable of.

Don’t let the money you invested into training and equipment go to waste. 

However, building your website is the easy part, making it attractive is where it gets tricky. Knowing how to keep the interested people to staying interested is where the real work is needed. With your website, you are able to show any one in the world the photos you have created in addition to the meaning behind each of your masterpiece.

Here are 5 tips and tricks you can use in your advantage while building your photography website!

  1. Personalization

No matter the type of website you choose to create, no matter the template or the color scheme, make sure it represents you. When creating a website filled with your photography, it is only right to take a step back and make sure you see yourself in it. But how can one do that? You can start by creating your own logo. A logo is you and your business combined that is, it represents both you and your work.

  • Satisfactory user experience
User experience

Now that you have focused on yourself and made sure your website reflects both you and your personality, it’s time to think of your visitors. No matter how good your photography is, neglecting user experience is a big No-no! Make sure you include titles for each category work you do, include background information on each photo, and write some details here and there in order to seem more professional. For example, you can include the type of camera you use, the location and time of day you took the photo, the purpose you had behind the art and so on…

  • Make sure you include an “about me” page
About me page

Making sure your website reflects who you are is not enough, which is why you can always add an “about me” page. An about me page is where you talk – in depth- about yourself. Who you are, the reason you’re in photography and brands you have collaborated with before.

No, I do not mean that you need to write a full biography about yourself, but share enough to captivate the attention of any visitor. Show them why working with you is their best choice, but don’t sound too cocky!

  • Don’t forget your social media accounts
Social media accounts

A business that doesn’t have any social media account sounds a bit suspicious, especially in a technological world like this! Almost every single person in today’s world has some type of social media platform uploaded on their devices.

Think about it, if you meet a stranger with no social media account, wouldn’t you be a bit weirded out? Businesses are the same.

Another reason why linking your social media accounts sounds like an added benefit is the pathway it creates for your visitors to connect with you! With having your social media accounts a click away, you can create a reciprocal relationship with many potential clients!

  • Constantly update your website.
Website updates

This says without going, constantly update your website! After all the hard work you put into creating a personal website, it doesn’t seem right to just kick it at the back of your head. Updating your website can provide you many benefits. For example:

  • Shows your customers that they can rely on you.
  • With more content, you can increase your website traffic.
  • Keep up with the trends, i.e. keep up with the market.

After all, who wants to keep looking at the same website over and over again?

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