Finding the perfect image hosting site that suits your wants and needs may be hard. Nobody wants to lose their photographic masterpieces, and we all take the necessary steps not to, right? I sure hope so. Well, I’m happy to tell you that with image hosting websites, you never will. These websites save you time, space, and trouble, however, not all of them can give you the same satisfaction. There are some important features of Image Hosting Sites that they must provide.

1. Take a look at the website speed

For user satisfaction, website speed plays an important role. If your website takes a long time to open, then it is useless. And, by long time, I mean 3 seconds. Many recent studies claim that if your website page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, then almost 50% of the visitors bounce. Having a low website speed ruins the purpose of having a website in the first place. Trust me, instead of waiting it will only drive the visitors away.  A satisfied user experience leads to higher conversion rate and in case you were wondering, there are many ways to increase your website speed.

2. Make sure it has a large bandwidth

High bandwidth has many benefits. The simplest one being website responsiveness. When too many people visit your website and download images at the same time, you don’t want your website to crash. That’s not very welcoming. Make sure the image hosting website you choose provides you a large bandwidth for shorter image download time and better visitor satisfaction.

3. Check the space it provides

Some image hosting websites are free, and at first you may think that is a good thing. However, let me tell you why that can be a problem sometimes. Free image hosting websites provide limited space, but as your images increase and you need more space, that’s when you’ll need to pay. There are many image hosting websites that give you options to choose from different types of plans and even a 30-day free trial. Carefully analyze how much space you require and choose the plan according to your needs.

4. Keep Security in mind

The whole reason you chose to work with an image hosting website is to keep your images safe, so what is the point if the website you use is not secured? When you share important images with clients on an image hosting website, the last thing you want is hackers and cyber-thieves stealing them. Therefore, choose a website with putting security as a priority.

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