These days, pet pictures go viral in the blink of an eye. Think of not only old favorites like Grumpy Cat, but new friends like Fishtopher too. What makes them stand out online, in a sea of other cute cats and pups? And how can your fur baby be the next star? Read on!

Capture a Funny Face

Most pets are adorable, sure. But you know what makes them different? The look on their face! Maybe it’s a surprisingly human dog raising her eyebrows, or a Guinea pig that looks like he’s going to sternly give you detention. Without shoving your camera into their face (and by investing in a good zoom lens) get a shot that focuses on your pet’s facial features, from their eyes, nose, and mouth. Who knows, maybe they’ll be the next meme that’ll stay in everyone’s phone storage for years to come!

Dress Them Up

Let’s be real—nothing is funnier than a pet in a costume. Bonus points if it’s for an event other than Halloween! Have your pooch celebrate Christmas in an ugly sweater, or put a mini grad cap on your parakeet. Perhaps they’ll enjoy their new look! Or, more likely, they’ll look into your camera in exasperation, making for a hilarious photo to share online.

Give Them Love

Even if your cats are the kind who keep to themselves, showing them some attention is a great way to melt hearts for a photograph. (Though it is something you should be doing all the time, too!) Scratch your kitty’s chin and see her eyes close in happiness, and you’ll practically be able to hear the purring through the image. Or throw a ball to your dog, and film him jumping in the air to gleefully catch it, tail wagging. You can then edit your video online to make a photo that is genuine and ready to share.

Whether you have more photos of your pets than your kids or you’re just diving into the world of sharing pet pictures, ImageCoast is the best way to host all your images online. And it’s free, so you can take and store as many cutesy pictures as your heart desires!