Though the holidays have come to an end, there’s still another day of celebration on the horizon—Valentine’s Day! Instead of snapping Christmas trees and candles in windows, it’s time for pink hearts, roses, and couples snuggled together. Here are some tips on how to make everyone look like they’ve been shot by Cupid’s arrow.

Photography idea for Valentine's day

Keep it natural.

No couple wants to look stiff like two teenagers posing before prom. Advise your subjects to loosen up as best they can. Make them laugh with a quick joke, or remind them about a happy moment in their relationship. They’ll gaze adoringly at each other and enjoy one another’s company, which will be seen in your photo. When you share photos online, you can avoid any comments of “cringey” couples on what can be seen as a sappy holiday.

Choose a festive location for Valentine’s Day.

Though not as bright as Christmas, Valentine’s Day is still abundant with color and cheer. Check out a local restaurant to see white tablecloths and candles. Perhaps you can visit a bar filled with paper hearts and Cupids. This will make your photograph evident of a couple spending a special day together rather than any old date night.

February also means winter weather, perhaps more so than November or December. Have your subjects bundle up for a snowball fight or draw hearts in the snow. Check out our Winter Photography article for more tips.

Utilize warm colors.

Even if your couple doesn’t want to go out for the evening, you can still have hints of St. Valentine in their looks. Have them wear red, white, or pink and focus on the blush in the cheeks from the winter cold. This will help them commemorate the holiday in a way that is subtle, but effective. A warm color scheme can be festive enough for public or private photo sharing.

Valentine's day photoshoot

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