We all know that visuals are a great source to grab attention. When it comes to any e-commerce store or any other website, if the images aren’t good enough to entice the customer will not stay there longer. Images that are not responsive or not optimized correctly are more likely to affect your website performance. So, it’s clear that image optimization is something that has equal significance to running your e-commerce website.

Going with google images is a good option as it reduces site load time helps run your e-commerce website flawlessly. On the other hand, the product photography is also another factor that matters.

Image optimization is a vast idea of image usage in websites and is under-discussed. Image size and not compromising the quality is image optimization. It is also about image SEO, which helps in Google ranking or any other search engines.

Why We Should Incorporate Optimized Images

Images are not used just to capture the audience; they play a huge role in page size, its speed. Research says not-optimized images share 75% of a total webpage’s weighted average. That indicates a negative impact on performance. It directly helps in lowering the website’s weight which gives clear benefits like:

  • It improves website speed
  • optimized images provides a good browsing experience
  • you’ll get better search performance

Top 5 Tips to Image Optimization

  • you can use Optimize your alt attributes carefully
  • Concise and direct image names
  • Make sure to choose your image dimensions and product angles wisely
  • Resize your images
  • try choosing the proper image format
  • Optimize your thumbnail
  • take into consideration using image sitemaps
  • Beware of decorative images
  • Use caution when using content delivery networks (CDNs)
  • Test your images

Ultimately, the objective of image optimization is to retain the file size along with quality with main elements that are

  • Image file size (JPEG vs. PNG vs. WEBP images)
  • Compression level
  • Image height and width

It’s also simple that if you succeed in maintaining the balance between all three factors, you have a win-win situation in marinating the website’s good performance.

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