Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for digital art creators, as well as collectors. But in order to benefit from these possibilities, it’s important to understand where NFT images are hosted and how they can be used. This article provides an overview of the different platforms where NFTs are hosted, and what opportunities they unlock for creators and collectors.

NFT Hosting Solutions for Creators

Popular marketplaces offer full NFT hosting and listing services

As a creator looking to host your digital art as an NFT, there are several options available. Many popular marketplaces such as OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible offer full NFT hosting and listing services. This allows you to easily upload your work and start selling. These marketplaces also come with built-in tools for managing your collection, such as automated sales reporting and analytics.

Specialized hosting solutions for different interests and genres

Other hosting solutions are more tailored to specific interests or genres of digital art. For example, Codex Protocol specializes in hosting high-value digital assets like rare artwork and collectibles. CryptoKitties, however, focuses on crypto-collectibles such as digital cats.

In addition to these marketplace and specialty solutions, there are a number of decentralized platforms that allow anyone to create their own NFTs without having to rely on a third party. These include Ethereum-based projects like OpenZeppelin and Aragon, and NEO-based projects like NEO Blockchain.

Benefits of NFT Hosting Solutions for Collectors

Secure storage and management of digital artwork on the blockchain.

For collectors, the main benefit of these NFT hosting solutions is that they offer a safe and secure place to store and manage digital artwork. All assets are stored on the blockchain, meaning that they can’t be easily counterfeited or stolen. This makes it much easier for collectors to purchase high-value items with confidence.

Tracking and analytics tools for monitoring investment performance.

Another advantage is that many of these platforms also offer tracking and analytics tools, allowing collectors to easily monitor the performance of their investments. For example, OpenSea and SuperRare both have built-in portfolio tracking tools that allow users to quickly see how much they’ve earned from their past purchases. This makes it easier to make informed decisions about future investments.

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