Back in the day, the best way to store photos was in a photo album. From cheap plastic wallets to huge, square, leather-bound tomes, curating a good photo album was vital for anyone who liked to take photos. From casual vacation snaps to professional-grade shots.

These days, of course, things have changed. Photography is almost exclusively digital, and the world of technology has moved on beyond physical photo albums.

way to backup photos

Why you should Backup your photos:

Almost all photos and images are now digital and stored for the most part as digital files. People still obviously print images, and photo albums are a lovely way to display your favorite shots. However, image storage in digital form is the most important way to keep your photos.

But images take up a lot of space. If you are a casual photographer this might not be an issue. But anyone who likes to take a decent number of photos will soon come up against a space issue. What do you do with terabytes of photos and images?

There is also an element of safety and security to consider, particularly for professional photographers. Your digital image files are your art, your life’s work, and your business all rolled into one, and you need to come up with a way of keeping them safe and secure. 

There are a few options when it comes to storing images. Many people go for external hard drives, backing up their images and storing them outside their computer’s memory banks. This is fine, but you still need to store the hard drives themselves somewhere safe, they do take up physical space, and there is always the possibility that they can be damaged or lost.

Cloud storage is also a popular option these days, with services like Google Drive offering a certain amount of storage for images. But a serious amount of images will soon eat up your allowance, and buying more space can be costly.

This is why for serious shutterbugs one of the best options around is an image hosting service like ImageCoast. Image hosting services allow you to upload your precious photos and store them safely and securely, with access whenever you want or need them. They are astonishingly good value for money, and essentially provide all the benefits of other image storage solutions, with none of the downsides.

So why not take a look at what ImageCoast can offer, and let them look after all you’re beautiful memories for you!