When you’re a photographer, you take thousands of pictures. This means that you cannot risk storing all those hard-worked shots in your local storage as it might crash and you might lose all your data. Every photographer knows the importance of having backups and securing all their data. Image-hosting websites have proven to be the most efficient way to store your data without the risk of losing them. Here are 5 Image Hosting Features for photographers:

1. Fits Every Need:

The first step towards finding the best image hosting website for you is to list the services that you require. Some people only require a place to store their pictures and share them with people, while others only want to create an online portfolio for their business. ImageCoast is one of the best hosting websites that fits your every requirement.

2. Secure and Effortless Sharing:

If you research well and choose the best image host, you do not need to worry about its security. In some instances, you probably do not want to share every picture on your portfolio. Do you need a special collection just for your close friends and family? Or even share with a group of different photographers? These websites are great for multiple purposes and allow security and easy sharing of your pictures with anyone you want.

3. Unlimited Storage Space

Most websites offer both a free as well as premium plan. The free plan has limited storage which you can increase by buying the paid versions. However, that is not the case with ImageCoast, as it provides you with an unlimited number of images that you can upload. The paid version includes other features such as resolution, upload size, etc. Other image hosting websites also offer an unlimited space where you can easily store all your images without the fear of losing them.

4. High Picture Quality:

If you wish to create an online portfolio, you need to look for a host that does not compress your photos to the point that it affects your image quality. A good hosting website should help elevate your work and provide you with the best and highest resolution possible as bad image quality can cause damage to your work and business.

5. User-Friendly:

Hosting websites are generally easy to navigate and set up. However, we advise you to check for reviews and to explore the website to see if it is easy to use and manage.

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