Do you have a great love for photography, and are in a path to improve your photography business? Here are 4 things to know if you are a newbie.

1. Back up your files

Let’s start with the most important one.

What’s more heartbreaking than losing your camera? Losing all your photos. You can always buy a new camera, even a better one, but can you bring back all your past works and masterpieces? No, so back up all your files as soon as you get the chance. You can simply copy and paste your photos or using a hard drive you can automatically mirror your computer storage.
An even easier step, you can always back up your photos to a cloud storage.

2. Invest in your education before buying tons of gear

I know it’s exciting to buy the newest tools and latest cameras. We all love having the latest version of technologies. However, it is more important educating yourself in these gadgets first, rather than buying some random new stuff. Get to know the new equipment you are willing to buy first, do the necessary research and then reward yourself with the best and gear for you.

3. Make sure you know all the basic camera settings

Imagine using something and not knowing how to work with it. What a hurdle! Thanks to google and many useful sites, you can now learn not only the basic settings, but also the advanced features of your camera. These settings help you produce quality images and improve your business. However, you should always keep in mind that patience is the key. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t become a professional in one either.

4. Teach yourself how to work with lightings

Lighting is very important and can change the whole image. After all, think about it, without light, there will be no photo. No matter what type of light you are using, you have to know how to work with it. You can practice and create your own techniques using the different types of lights. Who knows, you could create a trend while practicing! Using flash all the time could negatively affect your image quality. Low light environments and indoor areas work well with flashlights, compared to open-air events, for example an outdoor wedding. Like any other skill, practice makes perfect.

Let me give you one last advice, and this one comes from the heart.  Take a lot of pictures and I mean A LOT.

Join us at Imagecoast to learn more about photography. There’s always something new to learn no matter how long you have been practicing photography.